A 3-step guide to lose weight

because its not that tough as others have told

Posted by Amritpal Singh Randhawa on August 6, 2018

A 3-step guide to lose weight

step 1: Track your Bodyweight
step 2: Track your Food intake/Calories
step 3: Adjust

let me explain each "Step " in detail ...

Step 1: Track your Body-weight.

Weight Track Image

Weigh yourself every morning after freshening up, with minimum clothes and under similar conditions. Weighing yourself is the most objective way to track your progress. All other methods such as measuring tape, taking pictures etc are not as accurate because they are subjective. you could tighten your belly one day and keep it lose the other etc.

Weighing yourself every day is also important because our weight fluctuates from day-to-day. so, it would be wise to track it every day and take a week's average. Here is an example of my body-weight in a week ( weight is in pounds and i am currently on a Cut/losing

Tuesday: 169.0
Wednesday: 168.2
AVERAGE: 168.3
You see?

Step 2: Track your Food intake/Calories

To lose weight, calories IN have to be LESS than calories OUT. This is a universal law. It does not matter what kind of diet you are following Keto or Paleo or low carb, if Calories IN are not less than calories OUT, you WILL not LOSE weight.

I use myfitnesspal app to track calories with myself and my clients. It need not to be super accurate but as a coach ,I, or as an athlete, YOU should have an idea as to how much you are eating. We take a weekly average of your Calories as well.

Step 3: Adjust

Once we have your weekly body-weight and your weekly calorie intake, we can ADJUST. so, suppose my weekly bodyweight comes out be 168.3 lbs in week 01 and 167.8 lbs in week 02 at 2300 calories/day each week. Now. that's a 0.5 lbs weight loss per week.

If I am happy at this rate of weight loss, I keep the calories same for week 03 also i.e. 2300 per day.

If I want to lose weight faster than this, I'll drop my calories to 2100/day for week 03. If I want to gain weight, I'll increase my calories to 2800/day for week 03


Every successful athlete, who has a good physique to show for it, does some form of these 3 steps. They always keep track of their weight and food or have someone else do it for them. 95% of gym goers will not do this and thus, will never get the results they want.