Is keto Magic? Which diet is the best?

Unfolding the mystery of keto diet ...

Posted by Amritpal Singh Randhawa on August 10, 2018

Well, the short answer is NO, it isn’t.

The only condition for weight loss/fat-loss to occur is that you have to be in a Caloric restricted state i.e. you should be EATING less calories and BURNING more. Any “Diet” which can get you in a caloric deficit will work.

I’ll explain with an example.

Let’s take a 78 kg female, 35yrs old, active (trains 3-5 days a week) trying to lose weight.

To lose weight, calories IN have to be LESS than calories OUT. This is a universal law. It does not matter what kind of diet you are following Keto or Paleo or low carb, if Calories IN are not less than calories OUT, you WILL not LOSE weight.

Her maintenance calories come out to be 2300 Calories per day. That means if she eats 2300 calories per day, she will neither lose weight nor gain weight. But the goal is to lose weight so I make her start at 1800 calories per day. Now, as far as fat loss is concerned, IT DOESN’T MATTER FROM WHICH KIND OF FOODS THESE CALORIES COME FROM. She can eat burgers, pizzas, ice creams and she will still lose fat if she does not exceed 1800 cal per day. On the other hand, she can eat all the “healthy” food in the world, broccoli, soups, boiled chicken but if she exceeds 1800 cal/day, she WILL NOT lose weight/fat.

Caloric Deficit is the primary condition for fat loss.

Now regarding which is the best diet? The answer is whatever suits your lifestyle or your personality. Some people are carb eaters, some like to eat fats, some like to have 6 small meals a day and some tend to miss meals. In the above example, as long as this client stays under 1800 cal/day, she will lose weight. She can eat in a Keto style (high fat, low carb, she can eat in a traditional bodybuilding manner (low fat, high carb), She can do INTERMITTENT FASTING, she can have those calories in 6 small meals if her lifestyle allows her to.

This is all there is to losing weight. Sell it however you want.

Restrict calories and you will lose weight/fat.

PS: I use myfitnesspal app to track calories with myself and my clients.

Amritpal Singh Randhawa
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from ISSA